3.11.16 Shotgun Prints

Shotgun woodcut prints exhibits in the boiler room

The shotgun prints are the result of a collaboration between artists John Lynch and Bobby Patmore, consisting of seven images, four diptychs and three individual prints. They form the first part of an ongoing investigation into alternative forms of woodcut printmaking.

Made with exterior shuttering ply and then shot with a 12 gauge shotgun in the Essex countryside, the blocks were treated as a starting point to produce this series of experimental monotypes. Exploiting both relief and intaglio printing techniques and transparent colour layers to enhance the wood grain texture.

The shotgun prints present an uneasy duality between the insidious gestures left by the shots entry/exit and the vibrant colour layers that accentuate the subtlety of the woods surface. A brutally stark primitivistic pop.

Lynch and Patmore are both accomplished woodcut printmakers, through this and future bodies of work they hope to deviate from the tradition of print multiples and the romanticised notion of the toiling woodcarver.


Shot Flag 2016
Shot Flag 2016

Woodcut Print

54.4 x 52.6 cm

Green on Pink 2016 (Diptych)
Woodcut print on hahnemuhle paper
61 x 45 cm
Pink on Green 2016 (Diptych)
Pink on Green 2016 (Diptych) Woodcut print on somerset paper
54 x 43 cm
Shot Block 2016
Shot Block 2016
Woodcut print on somerset paper
43.5 x 44.5 cm
One hit wonder 2016
One hit wonder 2016 Woodcut on somerset paper
65.5 x 53.4 cm