Walter Furlan

Omaggio a Picasso con cappello frutta Walter Furlan 2016
Omaggio a Picasso con cappello frutta Walter Furlan 2016

Born near Venice in 1931, Walter Furlan took apprenticeship with world renowned Mamaracio Gino Forte and Flavio Poli at their glassworks where he was taught to sculpt glass 'a massello', a technique which infuses colour into pure crystal thereby giving the glass sculpture bright and vivid colour. He soon established himself as a master craftsman and started to develop a capacity and versatility for interpreting artistic design in his sculptures. He gained recognition as a master designer and became influenced by a number of artists, amongst them Pablo Picasso who he met with on several occasions. Pablo Picasso gave license to Walter Furlan to use his name in these Murano Glass Sculptures which interpreted Picasso's paintings during his Cubic Period.

The fascinating artistic work of Picasso expressed in Furlan's glass sculptures is demonstrated by all the experience acquired during his periods of work with old masters. He has interpreted Picasso's paintings during his Cubic Period and given them a 3rd dimension. Each sculpture is hand-crafted and signed, the glass nielded to remove fractures making it robust and able to refract the light beautifully. The colours are vivid the work profoundly dimensional.

In fact what greater accolade is there in that Picasso gave license to Furlan to carry on using his name after his death in 1973. The works of Walter Furlan are to be found in better Italian museums that specialize in sculptured glass. His wonderful interpretations of Pablo Picasso's artwork will only increase in value as Furlan's work is now limited because of his advancing age.