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Run JK Brown 2016

As a child I spent huge amounts of time using my imagination for entertainment. Inanimate objects took on a life of their own for my amusement; I created “other” places with my drawings. I initially specialised in Illustration and developed a love of life drawing, I was influenced by hyper-realist artists such as Carravagio, Vermeer and Rembrant and my work took on quite a formal style.

I then went on to study Fine Art Painting at Cheltenham College and chose a course that was orientated towards traditional, representational art. Whilst in Cheltenham my work made a transition as I became aware of other movements in art. I became influenced by the Primitivism of the Cubists, the wild energy of the Abstract Expressionists and the avant-garde ready-mades of the Dadaists. I also I became aware of “outsider art” and began using waste materials in my work.

During this time my interest in found objects continued to develop and I also became interested in artists who create site-specific sculptures such as the Land Art movement of the 60s/70s. Artists such as Richard Long, David Nash and Andy Goldsworthy fired my imagination.

In the present welding found steel objects/materials has become the main focus of my work. The use of man–made materials in the work of artists such as Picasso, Tony Cragg, Bill Woodrow and Joseph Beuys plays a huge part in inspiring and informing my work.