Christopher Luigi Veggetti Kanku

Sugno 2016
Sugno 2016 - Oil and acrylic on canvas - 60x60cm - 2016
Domenica 2016
Domenica 2016 - Oil and acrylic on canvas - 48 x 33cm - 2016
Estate 2016
Estate 2016 - Oil and acrylic - 48x33cm- 2016
Trafalgar 2016
Trafalgar 2016 - Oil and acrylic - 147x232cm- 2016
Dea - Oil & acrylics on canvas - 150x150cm - 2017
Estate - Oil & acrylics on canvas - 150x150cm - 2016
Like A Fairy Tale
Like a Fairy Tale - Oil & acrylics on canvas - 150x200cm - 2017
New York
New York - Oil & acrylics on canvas - 50x190cm - 2016
Studio 3
Studio Portrait 3 - Oil & acrylics on paper - 48x33cm - 2017
Studio 4
Studio Portrait 4
oil & acrylics on paper
48 x 33cm 2017
The City Moves
The City Moves - Oil and acrylic on canvas - 100x200cm - 2017
The Crossroad
The Crossroad New York - Oil and acrylic on canvas - 150x150cm - 2017

Christopher Luigi Veggetti Kanku is a commercially successful artist building a legacy through his work and commissions. He lives and works in Brianza, Milan, Italy.

Luigi’s career so far has seen him win prizes, press and plaudits. Starting with first prize in 2008 for the “Prize Ghiggini Arte” in the young painters section and then he was signed to a publishing deal through Italian publisher Umberto Allemandi and started releasing art books, firstly 30 Tele in 2010 then Forte Dei Marmi in 2012 and Monza e Brianza is due for release in 2018. He has appeared in major Italian magazines such as Arte Mondadori & Flash Art.

Luigi’s work is represented in galleries in Berlin, Milan, Florence, Stockholm & UK. He has held numerous solo and groups shows across many galleries.

His work consists of portraits, urban street scenes & rural landscapes. Luigi’s style is born in the classic and executed in the modern. His use of bursting colour or mono chrome sepia just pops to the eye and intoxicates your senses and this is what makes Luigi different, you sense that he is becoming something more.

Luigi’s latest commission for 2017 is from the Italian Government and is entitled AFROITALIANI and is featuring in Manifesta 11, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art 2018. These works will comprise of famous Afro Italian opera performers, sports stars & politicians. He will paint 25 portraits that will then be exhibited in Milan & NY. The works will then be distributed through the Italian embassies round the world for hanging and one or two given to government and cultural organisations. AFROITALIANI will have a dedicated catalogue ISBN (published by Giorgio Mondadori) and short biographies of each portrait subject will be included.

Oil will presented Luigi’s first solo U.K. show that ran from 12/05/17 - 02/06/17.